Goals & Resolutions 2018

goals, resolutions, 2018, annual, yoga, new job, travel, creative, blogging, lifestyleEvery time I read back on these posts, year after year, it makes me realise how much I’ve changed in myself. I like to think I’m quite good at sticking to my goals but mainly because I set myself realistic ones.

I’ll start off with my main goal for the year which I will try my hardest to achieve and I know it’s not going to be easy.

Get a new job

Remember when I said this last year? well this time I really mean it, I suppose I was too busy in focusing on my ‘get a house’ goal that I couldn’t cope with more stress/rejection. I work in a tough industry so finding a new job isn’t going to be as simple as firing up a CV and applying for some jobs. I have to create a whole new personal brand identity, creative portfolio and stand out from the crowd. I won’t give up though because this year I will move forward in my career.goals, resolutions, 2018, annual, yoga, new job, travel, creative, blogging, lifestyleTry Yoga/Meditation

Now I have my own space and quiet, something I’ve always wanted to get into is yoga and meditation. I got a yoga mat with a DVD and did my first yoga session at home, it’s honestly not as easy as you might think and you notice the effects after the first session. I haven’t done another session since but I’m thinking of trying some youtube videos instead if you know any recommendations?

Fall back in love with my blog

I haven’t been very regular in posting on here for months but I’m gonna make it the hobby that I used to love again. There are so many inspiring bloggers out there that I just need to spend time and read their blogs which is something I used to love doing. I sometimes struggle with content ideas which is why I took a break but because it was so long I struggled to get back into writing again. I never write when I feel pressured like ‘I need to get this post out tonight but I don’t know what to say’ as it’s supposed to be something I enjoy doing and I don’t want it to feel like work.

Travel more

I normally travel abroad with Sam at least once a year which we save up for a well-deserved break but last year money was very tight as I had to save my annual leave days for moving in days which would have been fine, but if you read what happened in this post, nearly 9 months worth of not booking days off was SO hard. we managed to get away for the weekend down south to Eastbourne in May which was really nice and the weather was perfect. So this year I want to make up for not being able to travel last year, this year. I already have a few ideal places which are Edinburgh for a long weekend when it gets a bit warmer and not so snowy and a week away in Greece or somewhere long haul but we haven’t looked into it just yet as we have some plans on the house which might take over instead.

Get creative

I will be turning one of our spare bedrooms into an office which will allow me to have my own little creative space (just need it to get a bit warmer so I can’t stop drying washing in there). I want to get back into watercolour painting and creating prints to maybe even possibly sell (we shall see), I’ve also been obsessed with line drawing Botanics by Peggy Dean an artist I discovered on Instagram, one of the inspirations that got me back into creating again last year over @lstype.  

What’re your goals/resolutions for 2018?


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