Why My 2017 Was A Complete Write Off

2017, absence, bad luck, house, life, lifestyle, mortgage, stress, 2018I don’t know about you but wasn’t 2017 a complete write-off? It was by far one of the most stressful years of mine and Sam’s life, which will explain my absence.

In January 2017, we decided to take the next step in our lives and buy a house together which was both very exciting and scary because…adulting. We’ve been saving up for a house deposit for a few years now and it was time to take the plunge.

We began by going to the bank to find out how much we could borrow and started our search. I remember the first house we viewed which was a lovely semi-detached new build but we felt this wasn’t right for us as we wanted a house with a bit of character. After many viewings and bank visits, we finally found the home for us…or so we thought.

In March we put down our first offer which was when the stress began. Our offer was declined which was a little bit disappointing but we carried on with our searches and found another house which we were interested in and put down an offer, which again was rejected. One week later we receive phone calls from both houses that they accept our offers which meant we had to chose one and give them an answer.

2017, absence, bad luck, house, life, lifestyle, mortgage, stress, 2018We went with house 1 because of our gut feelings and I honestly could see myself living there. We began the mortgage application process (more stress) which took four weeks! because technology fails and something wouldn’t allow the forms to go through which we had to fill out manually (twice) because they lost the first form. During this time we are then notified that the sellers aren’t moving out until September (we are still in March by the way). FINALLY, the mortgage application goes through and the house survey is complete.

We impatiently wait to hear back from the surveyor as the mortgage application can’t be approved until we get the report back. Then our dream comes crumbling down as we are informed that the house is worth £30k less than what we are buying it for and the bank refuses to give us a mortgage, so we decided to try a different bank but they told us that the same thing would happen and our only choice was to ask the sellers to lower the asking price so we can still go ahead but they refused and said to put the house back on the market. We are now in the month May and back at square one left feeling angry, emotionally drained and desperate to move out.

We took a short break and began the search again but didn’t find one until June as they were just going off the market within a week, which gave us barely any time for a viewing as we had to do them on the weekends. We finally got our offer accepted and began the whole long process again, it should take 3 months for the whole process to finish and you get the keys but in our case, it took a frustrating 5 months and our patients were running thin at this point which I won’t go into detail but basically they took the piss.

2017, absence, bad luck, house, life, lifestyle, mortgage, stress, 2018November 10th 2017 we get our keys and start our lives. I jokily remember saying at the start of the year I wanted to move out before Christmas but I didn’t literally mean it, I felt like the whole of 2017 someone had pressed a pause button on our lives as I couldn’t use my holidays at work because I was saving them for moving in days but at the same time I really, really needed a holiday to get away from all the stress but needed to save my money and I just felt stuck. I was just not in the right place of mind to even enjoy blogging and my job was really getting me down like it has been doing lately.

So here’s a fresh start in 2018 and I just know this year is gonna be our best! How was your 2017?



  1. February 22, 2018 / 3:31 am

    While I wouldn’t call my 2017 a write-off, I really feel with you on some of those struggles! We’re in the opposite position of needing to sell our property and it takes for.e.ver. to get everything done. Still waiting on documents even now in 2018! I’ve found that focusing on the parts of my life that I can control and influence really helped me whenever I feel stuck during that whole process…
    Here’s to a wonderful 2018 for you! <3

    • ohsimplethingblog
      March 3, 2018 / 8:10 pm

      We were saying in years to come we are gonna forget about this stress when we come to selling and I can only imagine what you’re going through. Patients is key in the whole thing

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