Pamper/Cozy Night In Winter Edition

pamper, winter, cosy, night in, Boux Avenue, This Works, Nails Inc, facials, book

After a long hard week of working, I like to take my time at the weekends to really relax & unwind and pamper my skin. During the colder months, I enjoy taking long baths and lathering myself in all the moisture products.

The first thing I like to do to make myself comfy is to make sure my feet are warm and are in comfort. I adore these Boux Avenue Cat Slippers that Sam got me for Christmas as they are easy to slip on and are inlined with fur, keeping my toes nice and toastie. If my feet are really cold I also like to wear fluffy cosy socks, Primark have some really affordable ones which are my favourite.

Once I’m all comfortable I like to make myself a hot beverage either tea or hot chocolate depending on what I feel like having, but it’s mostly tea. I know not everyone likes hot drinks but I can’t survive without a nice hot drink during winter to warm my insides up.

pamper, winter, cosy, night in, Boux Avenue, This Works, Nails Inc, facials, book

I then like to start working on making my enviroment cosy by first adjusting the lightening. Anyone who knows me well will know that lightening means everything to mean as I make comments such as ‘I don’t like the lightening in this room’. I love fairy lights and I have some above my bed so these are the first things to be switched on along with my lamp and turning the ceiling light off. I then like to light a candle, preferable a light scented lavender candle and my favourite at the minute is This Works Lavender and Vetiver Candle. I love making the room low lit as it just instantly makes me feel all homey and ready to relax.

pamper, winter, cosy, night in, Boux Avenue, This Works, Nails Inc, facials, book

At this point I have many different options I like to do to spend my night, sometimes I will catch up on a tv show, my current watches are Gilmore Girls I’ve just finished season 4, The Walking Dead Season 7 & Game of Thrones Season 5. If I want to take a break from technology then I well climb into bed and read my book, I’m trying to make an effort into reading more so I’m currently reading A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. Whilst reading my book or watching tv I love to take the time to pamper my skin by applying a face mask.

pamper, winter, cosy, night in, Boux Avenue, This Works, Nails Inc, facials, book

These were the first face masks I used to use and recently rediscovered them which areĀ Montange Jeunesse Creamy Coconut Water and Shea Butter. They come asĀ single packs which have a wide range of many different ingredients to your skin needs, some of them are peel off ones and are really good for traveling as they are affordable and most of the time on offer. I either like to use hydrating or purifying masks all year round. As these take 10-15 minutes I just sit back and wait until they are dry. I sometimes like to pop on a face mask whilst in the bath and just soak. Most weekends I like to give my hands a bit of a pamper by giving myself a manicure and I’m really loving the two Nails Inc shades from my ghd Copper Luxe straighteners set. At night I then rub in a hand cream to let it soak in overnight.

How do you like to pamper yourself? or spend your night in?



  1. A Girl & Grey {Sharni}
    February 27, 2017 / 12:13 am

    Those cat slippers are beyond adorable! It's just starting to cool down here in Australia and it's making me SO excited for Winter and cosy EVERYTHING!

    Sharni //

  2. March 2, 2017 / 8:17 pm

    I can't imagine it ever being slipper weather in Australia haha x

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