Sleek Cream Contour Kit Review

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So the whole contour & highlight thing is all new to me as I’m just used to applying some colour to my cheeks and that was it, but my have things become more advanced.

I bought this Sleek Contour Kit in Light when it first got released back in April sorry this was a late review and as I had a lot to learn I didn’t enjoy it at first, one cream products are very different to powders which I’m used to, two I really struggled to find the right tool to blend this cream texture with but that has now been resolved thanks to my RT miracle complexion sponge, if anyone can recommend a brush that’s great at blending in cream products I’d love to give it a try.

When you see the two highlighting and four contouring shades your probably thinking ‘where the hell do I start?’ well luckily for beginners they include an instruction guide on where to apply the shades. You eventually get the hang of it when you use it enough.

sleek, cream contour, boots, beauty, highlighter, bronzer, drugstore, superdrug

I like to use this on top of a foundation or just on my skin acting as a base but due to my redness/freckles on my face, it’s much more noticeable over a foundation. These creams are buildable and blendable but I would recommend you take extra time in the blending process as it can be easy to miss some harsh lines you’ve created to get that velvety smooth flawless finish.

I do find that if I apply too much of the darker shades it can make me look a bit orangy as I am pale, so if your like me maybe swatch this before you buy, but other than that it can look natural if applied lightly and it’s so long lasting as it stays on through my long days at work.

I like to take this away whilst traveling as the large compact mirror is very handy. One thing Sleek love to include are mirrors which is what I love about there products along with the black hard plastic packaging.

When I first bought this kit it was available in only 3 shades, light, medium & dark but looking on there website it seems there has been a fourth shade released in extra dark.

sleek, cream contour, boots, beauty, highlighter, bronzer, drugstore, superdrug

If contouring sounds scary to you but you want to give it ago then I would recommend this costing only £10.99 here. Also available in Boots & Superdrug.

What do you use for contouring? Have you given this a try?


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