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I have had one of the best months of the year which you’ll see why further in the post. October is one of my favourite months and it’s been a very eventful month. We are well into Autumn which I love and I’ve enjoyed watching the leaves change colours and cover the ground which makes you just want to grab your camera and take pretty photos of those autumnal walks.

So at the start of the month, me and Sam celebrated our 5 years together in one of our favourite city’s Manchester. You can read all about this over at my Manchester Haul post here.

I’m sure like most people, liquid lipsticks have all made a place in everyone’s makeup collection right now, I have many favourites and continue to be finding new ones but one that I’ve been using a lot this month is NYX Lingerie in the shade Ruffle Trim, this is a brown/dusty pink which is so on trend with the brown autumn vibes, it goes on the lips like a mousse texture and dries matte which is my favourite formula for A/W. I think this shade is perfect for any occasion as I’ve worn this to a birthday party, going shopping, out for dinner. It’s the kind of shade that you can throw on and it looks like you’ve made an effort.

I’ve never really liked the thought of using a cleansing butter to remove my makeup as I found the whole idea a bit messy but The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter has been something I’ve wanted to try to see if it makes stubborn eye makeup easier. This is probably the gentlest cleanser I have ever come across, I have sensitive dry skin so the ingredient Camomile attracted me to this as any person who suffers from sensitive skin, ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Camomile are something you must take notes for calming down red flare ups. I only use a small amount of this and it completely breaks down my makeup which I just then wipe away and rinse, my face feels so soft afterwards and not tight and has helped purify any signs of blemishes. I’ve really enjoyed using this.

When Barry M first released the Molton Metal range I knew instantly which shade I needed to buy and of course that has to be ‘Copper Mine’ this shade is definitely going to be my ultimate A/W shade. It’s hints of glitter and chrome effect really makes your nails eye-catching and I always get compliments when wearing this, Barry M nail polishes are really affordable which I love and last a good few days chip free but I find this lasts a lot longer than their other polishes.

monthly, favourites, october, Barry M, the body shop, nyx, Tom Chaplin, Music, live,

So from the age of 11 back in 2004 I discovered the band ‘Keane’ when my dad brought home the album ‘Hopes & Fears’ a great listen if you haven’t given this a listen. Long story short, I basically became Keane obsessed, fell in love with the lead singer Tom Chaplin, seen them live numerous of times and have always dreamt of meeting my heroes. They inspired me to learn instruments as I can play Piano & Guitar and their music got me through those tough teen years.
Before I start I just want to say Keane have not split up. From following this band for over 10 years as a hardcore fan I’ve grown up seeing Tom fighting his losing battle with his drug addiction and this leads me on to Tom Chaplin’s solo album ‘The Wave’. It tells a story of being in a dark place at the start of the album and then moves on to a happier note when he releases he’s faced his demons and appreciates the people he loves in his life by ending his addition.
He recently did a small venue tour for the fans which I attended in Nottingham in October, it was so amazing to be at an intermediate gig seeing him live again, hearing that amazing voice and most importantly seeing him happy. After the gig, I waited nervously to finally meet him, my hero. Over 10 years I have been waiting for this moment and there I am nervous, shaking and speechless. I managed to say hello but I was completely lost for words and got my photo taken, my album signed and then went off bursting with happiness, gleaming and kept saying over and over I’ve just met Tom Chaplin! heck, I wanted to shout it and then I got that overwhelmed I cried with joy. obsession story over.

And this is why it was the best month of my year. my life.

What’s been your favourites in October?


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