Coldplay Live | Etihad Stadium Manchester

If any of you read my blog regularly then you’ll know that I love to attend a gig or some kind of live music as I have a few post on these. This year though I’ve been really lucky and managed to tick off a few off my ‘bands to see live before I die’ list.

On June 4th I saw Coldplay at Manchester Etihad Stadium. Coldplay’s music has always been in my life from a very young age and will always be a band that I love even if people want to tell me how s**t they are. I’ve always heard how good their tours are so I was expecting a big performance and they delivered.

Coldplay Live at Manchester June 2016

They started the show with a bang and I mean literally, as fireworks and confetti cannons were going off whilst the first song ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ was being played.

As we were quite far back I had a restricted view on seeing the whole stage but from what I could see this set up was huge. There was the main stage which had a giant screen in the middle for people like us to see the band up close, along with two other screens either side which Chris could run up to if he wanted and then there was a runway with a B-stage and a C stage right at the back. I was really happy with the setlist because it must be hard when you have so many albums to then shorten them down to 24 songs. They managed to cover a good range of oldies and new ones such as the classics Yellow, The Scientist, Clocks, Fix You and so on.

Coldplay Live at Manchester June 2016

My favourite thing about seeing Coldplay is the cool light up wristbands you receive at the start of the show as they are programmed with their songs to play a light sequence which looked amazing at night along with the frequent fireworks, confetti & lasers. The crowd also was the best, I don’t mean to nag but on every gig by far I always get a drunken idiot standing next to me just generally annoying me but not at Coldplay, everyone around me was so nice with no trouble which made the gig that little bit more enjoyable as I didn’t have to deal with this. As all the songs were performed with a high energy to slow swaying melodies. I think my favourite performances were A Sky Full Of Stars, Adventure Of A Lifetime, The Scientist & Clocks, they even managed to add in a little tribute cover of David Bowie’s Heroes.

Coldplay Live at Manchester June 2016

I really enjoyed seeing Coldplay and I hope they carry on making music and touring as I would definitely be interested in seeing them again as they are so different to any band I have seen before.

For anyone interested here is the full setlist A Head Full Of Dreams, Yellow, Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall, The Scientist, Birds, Paradise, Everglow, Lovers In Japan, Magic, Clocks, Midnight, Charlie Brown, Hymn For The Weekend, Fix You, Heroes (Cover), Viva La Vida, Adventure Of A Lifetime, Trouble, See You Soon, Amazing Day, A Sky Full Of Stars, Up&Up.

Find out if Coldplay is touring near you here.

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  1. June 15, 2016 / 5:03 pm

    I love live shows! it's shame this is my last one of the year 🙁 x

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