Kiko Summer Trend Collection 2016 | Limited Edition

Kiko Trend Collection

Kiko Trend Collection

Kiko Trend Collection
Kiko have released their newest limited edition launch for the Summer Trend collection. I don’t have everything from the range but it is my favourite along with the Rebel Romantic collection, which I did a review about featuring their lip products here.

This collection has everything from blushes to bronzers to a gorgeous make up bag, lip oils and perfumes. There’s something for everyone.

Kiko Trend Collection

First, let’s just admire the packaging, OH MY GOD when I first saw this on Twitter I headed straight to Kiko to admire all the glory for myself. I really had to restrain myself from buying the whole collection so I just picked up two products as I needed to save my money. I love the gold and how glam it looks for it’s money. Kiko just kill it with great packaging at an affordable price. I love the bobble spot effect plus the quality is so good for the price. I like collecting rose gold/gold products to sit on my dressing table as it just looks so elegant on show.

Kiko Trend Collection

I picked up the Heatwave Lip Oil because I’ve never used an oil for my lips, but I know Clarins have one so I’m glad to see other brands jump on board with this too. These come in 3 shades so I got the shade 03 which is the coral peachy colour which will be perfect for summer. As this is a tint of colour it doesn’t show up, but gives a glossy finish and not sticky at all if you hate that from lip glosses and it’s so easy to apply as it glides on the lips. If you have dry lips this works just as well as a balm with it’s ingredients containing jojoba oil, shea butter, wild mango butter and vitamin E which all help dry skin. I do love products that come with perks don’t you? I like to throw this on when I’m in a rush and my lips need a bit of a moisture boost.

The second product I picked up was the Out Of Bounds Eyeliner Pen because when I swatched this in store it was jet black, dried quick and a felt tip, some of the things that I look for in a liner. When I got this home and started using it everyday as I pretty much wear eyeliner everyday a few things became a problem which made me disappointed with this product. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I really struggle to get the lid off. It’s just so tough, I have to wrap my sleeve or bed sheet around to just get some grip, another problem which started to happen was this started to dry out quickly. I don’t like and have the time to sit and go over the lines so this kind of put me off the product, but apart from what I can remember it did a good job at staying on for most of the day and it’s easy to remove, so if you can overlook these little downsides then you’ll like this eyeliner but I’m afraid I’ve moved on and gone back to my Stila Stay All Day Liquid pen.

I wanted to try more from this collection while I still had the chance, so I then made an order online and bought two more products as I got free delivery.

Kiko Trend Collection

Mirage Lip Stylo in 01 is a rose nude and after the first use I fell in love, the colour payoff is great for one swipe but, the colour can be built up, even though this is a lipstick it feels like a balm with it’s shiny finish and smooth application which makes this comfortable to wear but because of this means it doesn’t wear as long with food and drink which doesn’t bother me as I can top up throughout the day. This is probably my favourite product from all the items and not just because I’m a lipstick junkie.

Kiko Trend Collection

Finally, we have the Sunshine DD Cream, I know first we have BB creams then, CC creams (which I love) and now what the hell is a DD cream. Well, let me explain as this is all new to me, DD stands for Daily Defence they are very similar to BB creams/tinted moisturisers but contain SPF which helps create a barrier to prevent moisture loss and sun damage. What I love about this Kiko DD cream is the SPF 30 because that’s important, but the way it makes my skin look so healthy, bronzed and glowing. It has a light coverage, which covers some redness but not blemishes so that’s when concealer comes in handy. It’s great for dry skin/dry patches as it helps moisturise those areas. This feels so lightweight and yes, it does look and feel like second skin. I have the shade very light and find this doesn’t go patchy throughout the day, but it doesn’t stay on all day as it fades nicely. This would be perfect to take away with you on your holidays if you want to wear something more natural looking with freckles peaking through. The packaging is in a squeezy tube so you can use as much as preferred but only a small blob will go far, I’d also like to mention that this product is paraben free, so that means no nasty chemicals as this helps benefit the skin with the added vitamin C making it a radiant finish.

Kiko Trend Collection
L to R: Sunshine DD Cream, Out Of Bounds Eyeliner, Heatwave Lip Oil & Mirage Lip Stylo

Have you tried anything from this collection? What’s your favourites?



  1. Sally O'Kelly
    May 24, 2016 / 8:18 pm

    This is such a beautiful range, Kiko have nailed it with this one. I love the Clarins lip oils so I'd definitely love to try these ones to compare. That lipstick looks gorgeous also!

    The Makeup Directory

  2. June 5, 2016 / 6:12 am

    Hello Leanne! Thank you so much for joining my link up, it was a honour! I didn't know about this limited edition by Kiko! The packaging is delightful and I'll definitely check it out if it's still available! Baci, Valeria – Coco et La vie en rose NEW POST

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