Bleach London Silver Shampoo

bleach london silver shampoo review

bleach london silver shampoo review

So I got my blonde re dyed on the ends going for a ombre which I’ve had for almost 4 years now (wow!) and I like to use products that help prevent fading & make my colour brighter so I’m always on the hunt for toners/silver shampoo which are violet coloured. I’ve tried many of these silver shampoos in my time and only a few actually show results.

Bleach London have been on my list for one of those brands to try for a long time since I spotted these products in Boots.

This Bleach London Silver Shampoo caught my eye and made me want to try it as it is just what I want from a product. ‘For blonde’s that constantly strive for whiter, brighter colour’. I was thinking Yes! I must give this a try, for £5 I didn’t think that was a bad price because even though the bottle is kind of small it is lasting me a long time.

Before I start I wet my hair and then do a quick shampoo on my whole head to length as it”s a only 3/4 quarters of my hair that is blonde. Rinse and then pour enough to form a medium blob on my hand, it can be quite runny when pouring so keep that in mind as it’s easy to pour too much and I lather this on the length to the ends really making sure I haven’t missed any bits and leave it on for about 5 mins, you can leave it on longer. I then make sure I rinse it all away and my hair always shines a silver metallic after use and I can’t wait to dry my hair to see the results but I need to condition my hair after.

Once dried and brushed I’m very happy with the results I see but for a first use I will point out this is a product that has to build up so don’t expect amazing results at first and with enough use it can make your hair a bit purple. The shampoo did make my hair soft but I do always condition my hair.

bleach london silver shampoo review
taken in natural light with no editing to the colours

I would recommend this to any blondes who are after brighter whiter hair as it really does wash away brassy tones and I will definitely be trying out more of Bleach London products in the future.

Have you tried any Bleach London products? What’s your favourites?


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