My 10 Helpful Tips To Stop Feeling Anxious

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I’ve never since starting a blog had such an urge to do a blog post on something that I’m currently feeling but I’ve read a few posts like these before and it’s good to get things off your chest and share as I know someone out there will relate to this somehow. I wasn’t sure whether to do a post like this as I am a closed person, I’ve never been an oversharer and I don’t like to reveal a lot about my personal life in general nevermind over the internet. I kind of keep my blog a secret, I feel a bit like Penny from the Girl Online books except I’m not anonymous and anyone who knows me will see my name and picture and will know it’s me. I never talk about my blog to my friends and family in person except my boyfriend Sam. I don’t know why I do this, I guess I don’t want to find out a bad reaction from it or think they are secretly judging me – basically the problem is I don’t have a lot of self confidence in myself which I am working on. 

Back to the point Do you ever have those moments in life when the most simplest things can trigger off anxiety? Well lately I’ve been getting them a lot. I’d like to point out that I don’t take any medication or have been diagnosed with anxiety or have panic attacks these are just some emotions which I hope everyone experiences and are considered ‘normal’. I know some of the causes which trigger it and I do avoid doing these things, please let me know if I’m making the right decision in doing this or am I making the problem worse? for example Facebook is a trigger, not the website itself but the people who are on it. For some reason when a certain few people pop up on my news feed or in the Do you know? friends section I see their names and it’s like my stomach has dropped, like when you go on a rollercoaster and your belly tickles and then I feel sick and I get goosebumps everywhere, I then get so emotional like I want to cry and sometimes I do and start feeling unhappy and my mood has completely dropped. I could just delete them if that’s what you’re thinking but I’m always thinking if I should just let this person go and if the friendship is still there? or am I clinging on to the past and when they don’t make the effort then should I?

I just then think like this and worry and realise what am I doing? I need to snap out of this a cheer up again.

So that’s when I thought I would write a post on how to bounce back from these sudden mood changes and give you some of my personal tips which help me.

1. Music

Music has been a very big part of my life and has always helped me through my teens whenever I went through some bad times. Listening to my favourite songs/bands really cheers me up and feel free to sing too as this helps. I like to choose uplifting songs but if these don’t work listening to a slow emotional song works too surprisingly.


2. Have a bath

Running a nice hot water and having a little pamper session helps balance my emotions back to feeling fine as you can really set the scene by lighting scented candles, throwing in a few Lush products even the smell of these floating around in my bathroom makes me feel relaxed.

3. Watch your favourite show / read a book

You need to distract your mind from overthinking things so just get yourself focused out of reality for a bit can help the mood pass. I also find getting lost into a story works just as well plus you can sleep better with a clear head.

4. Write down how you’re feeling

This was a point which I just discovered right now as the further I’ve written into this post I’m feeling a lot better. I think seeing all the option that help written down on screen as made me relax a lot more so I don’t feel so lost.

5. Talk to someone

When I can/want to I will open up into how I’m feeling and talk about it as I do bottle up everything and by doing this I just have those moments when I can’t handle it and go into a complete mess and then after a good cry I feel a lot better.

6. Clean up

I’m one of those people where I have to be in the mood to clean and when I get into one of those moods I get all OCD with my cleaning and hate my surrounds being so dirty and have to make it clean until I’m satisfied. I hope no one takes this as an offence as I don’t mean literally OCD and I know this isn’t your fault. 

7. Colouring

This has become a big craze all of a sudden and it was definitely more popular in Summertime with me but again by distracting the mind and focusing on something else I completely forget where I am when I’m doing this and it’s a great stress reliever too.

8. Write a list

I do like to think I’m organised and I try my best so by writing a list of things I need to do tomorrow or what I need to buy helps me feel like I have a busy day ahead of me instead of waking up feeling bored and clueless in how I want to spend my day.

9. Go on Youtube

I watch either random videos which lead you deep into the world of YT which makes you question what am I watching? or I watch people’s vlogs. I’ve really gotten into these as I just find it interesting watching how other people spend their days without sounding stalkerish

10. Go for a walk

Getting a breath of fresh air and seeing different surroundings and just taking it all in, is one of my favourite things to do. I prefer walking around the countryside in fields and woods much better than walking around town, luckily for me I have a little woodland area near our house which I go to walk the dog or fancy taking some photos.

If anyone has anymore helpful tips & advice to help shake those feelings away then please share in the comments


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