Three Way On How To Style A Headband

I love to wear hair accessories such as bows, hair slides and headbands. They might sound like there for kids but they are for everyone it just all depends on how you style them. If anyone out there has been looking at head scarves/headbands and didn’t feel brave enough to wear them? I know how that feels Well let me show you three ways on how I like to style them to see if this changes your mind.

Hair Down

For anyone who struggles to put in a headband with their fringe on show well let me give you a tip, instead of just putting the headband on first and pulling hair forward, as this never worked for me so I learned that If you tie up the hair you want behind the band first and then place the band through the ponytail, remove the hair tie and you’re all done. I like to add in some curls and wear a red lip to match the red with the band

Hair Up

This is probably the most easiest way to style a headband ever! you can wear your hair in a ponytail or a bun but I prefer the ponytail and I have to add in a few grips to make the headband stay in place. I always leave my fringe with some side bits as I’ve been doing this for years now, I just think I look weird if I don’t.

Hair In Plaits

For this look I’d recommend putting in the headscarf first as you’ll be able to hide it more when you go to braid your hair. This is probably my most favourite look out of the three I tend to do one or two plaits depending on how I’m feeling.

All these hairstyles are really quick and easy to do and if anyone knows anymore ways on how to style a headband/ headscarf then please share in the comments.

What’s your favourite hair accessories? How do you style your hair with a headband?


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