My Trip To The Yorkshire Dales

So last week, me and Sam took a well deserved week away from work to the lovely Yorkshire Dales and stayed in a beautiful wooden lodge.

The lodge provided us with free wifi, a log burner and a bubbly hot tub which was my favourite, this relaxing week did give me a chance to catch up on some of my favourite tv shows. Other than staying cooped up in the lodge all day, we did go into York’s city centre a few times which was about an hour away from where we were staying. I had planned to do lots of walking and some nice landscape photography practice but sadly the weather did let me down as expected around this time of year but it was just constantly raining and foggy which isn’t very comfortable to walk in as talking from experience when one day we did have a little walk around the area while there was a dry spot.

On wednesday we decided to buy some pumpkins and do some carving as halloween was approaching and thursday night we went on a ghost walk in York, which was fun as we got a mini tour around York and managed to see some tourist sights, such as the York Minster, The Guy Fawkes Inn pub and my favourite part of York…The Shambles which is just stunning. One thing I noticed about york is how creative this city is too, it’s beautiful architecture and so many photographers are out and about but I don’t blame them because there is so many photo opportunities in the city.

York is definitely a city that I will be returning too and me and Sam have agreed we will be having another holiday in a lodge because we enjoyed it that much.


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