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Imagine Dragons

Friday 6th November 2015

For Sam’s 21st Birthday I bought him tickets to see one of his favourite bands live. I am a fan of their first album but never really got into the second one that well, so I knew I wouldn’t know a lot of songs being played. I wasn’t as close to the stage as I hoped but it was still a decent spot at least I thought. Imagine Dragons start up the show and next thing I know Dan (lead singer) appears to being getting closer and closer to me and I’m that close I can see his face as I didn’t even notice there was an ego ramp.

I was quite surprised at the audience as it was a very mixed age but I don’t know what I was expecting really. I was near a super fan who screamed every song lyric and recorded videos on there phone which made me laugh because I get his enthusiasm for the love of a band as I was like this watching my favourite band Keane back in 2009. Imagine Dragons played all there hit’s from Radioactive to Demons from the album Night Visions and even my favourite track ‘Amsterdam’ which I’m so happy that I got to see being performed live. Dan was very chatty to audience which was nice as he acknowledged a hardcore fan near the front row and pronounced ‘Nottingham’ in a strong american accent which is now my favourite thing ever.  

One thing I noticed when watching them perform songs from the latest album Smoke & Mirrors was I listened to the lyrics more instead of singing the lyrics outloud and I actually learnt a few songs and found myself singing Shots, I’m So Sorry, The Fall and Trouble over the next few days after the gig because they were stuck in my head and that’s when I started getting into the second album more.

They ended the show on a bang by playing the finale song ‘The Fall’ and whilst the lyrics being sung out ‘ready for the leaves, ready for the colours to burn to gold and crumble away’ hundreds of paper leaves were shot out from the ceiling which I managed to catch a few and the thought thing that came into my mind was these would be great blogging props so keep an eye out for those soon. Overall it was an enjoyable night and I would see them again, just wished I’d of got into the second album more but it made me connect with it seeing them live.

Everything Everything

Wednesday 11th November 2015

I’ve been a fan of this band for a good 5 years now and have every album they’ve released and they never disappoint me. For those of you who have never heard of them I’d describe their music as indie/electronic rock, they are very different and there lyrics make no sense which is one of the reasons why I love them and Jonathan’s voice is incredible and high. So when their third album ‘Get To Heaven’ was released this year I was so excited to see them live again and thankfully they always return to Nottingham. This has been the fourth time seeing them live, the first time as a support act and I always enjoy myself.

They are definitely moving up in the world as this time they performed at rock city which is an upgrade from the normal Rescue Rooms venue. I walk into the main stage and could not believe it when I was right at the barriers, was honestly not expecting that at all so I got a really great view the whole night, no annoying tall people blocking my view who’s with me on this one.  The show started off with two support acts, the first a young solo artist from Nottingham playing a few of her songs on her acoustic which was lovely and I could see how nervous she was but that’s understandable and the second was the most bizarre girl group I’ve ever seen and I’m gonna be honest, I did not enjoy there music but they were great singers/musicians.  

Finally EE appear on stage and start with ‘To The Blade’ this being the first track off their new album. They played every song off their album which surprised me because normally there’s at least a few songs that’s too complicated to be played live. They played some of the classic singles such as ‘My Kz Ur Bf’, ‘Cough Cough’ & Photoshop Handsome’ which the crowd went wild for. Towards the end people were really getting into the show and even formed ‘Pits’ which if you give them a listen, it’s definitely not that kind of scene. They absolutely smashed my new favourites ‘Get To Heaven’ & ‘Sun, Spring, Winter, Dread’ which I was dying to hear live and liked to inform us that ‘Nottingham you are a fucking great crowd!’ which I felt really pleased about because this will only make them more than likely return again.

I cannot wait to see them again and hope they do come back soon!

Who have you seen live recently? got any funny gig stories to share?


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