5 Things I Love/Hate About Autumn

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Autumn is my favourite season so that’s why I have dedicated a blog post for my personal reasons in why I love it, but you do still catch me moaning about a few things.

Things that  I love about Autumn

Leaves changing colours

This is what makes nature so beautiful, what I enjoy the most when going for walks is the beautiful seasonal change of the leaves and the crunching footsteps from those dried up fallen leaves.

TV entertainment gets better

This is probably a personal reason but one thing I look forward to is the best tv entertainment such as ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!’, The Walking Dead, and there’s good dramas to follow, some of you reading might like to the X Factor, me on the other hand can not stand this show.

Fashion gets better 
(in my opinion)

When it starts to become colder, it’s time to start layering up and I love all the dark cosy clothing that starts making an appearance. I particularly have become fond of the colour Mustard this season. I love to layer it up by wearing collared shirts under jumpers, this is one of my favourite looks and not to mention the vampy lipsticks and golden eyes.

Seasonal Foods & Drinks

You know when Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte’s and other seasonal drinks takeover social media (Guilty) my favourite foods to eat when the temperature drops is porridge in the morning and beef stew’s for dinner, sausage casseroles and my new favourite at the minute tomato and basil soup. yum!

Best Releases

Now let me explain this one as I wasn’t sure on the best title for this, I mean when your in the middle of spring and something your interested in, be it books, a film saga, a game, a product whatever your looking forward too, I always see ‘coming soon this fall 2015’ and you just think that’s ages away.. if your impatient like me so all the best releases happen around this time.. maybe because it’s because of christmas not being so far away.

Things that I hate about Autumn

De frosting my car

I can’t be the only one who’s with me on this, I think I just hate the pain of it the most but just having to be out the house 10 mins earlier to sort out the car every morning can be quite annoying especially on those days when your running a bit late or overslept one morning.

Clocks changing back meaning no daylight

Anyone who works full time will relate to this the most, when the clocks go back that means you miss an hour (boo!) making the sun rise later and set earlier so you literally live in darkness, by going to work dark and returning home dark, it also makes us blogger’s lives a lot harder at taking photos, meaning you have to become organised and take bulk photos over the weekend.

Skin becomes a fighting battle with dryness

My skin type is dry, but in the colder months it does become very dry and my eczema can sometimes flare up, so I live through this fighting battle of keeping my skin hydrated, thankfully there are many products out there that help with this.

Cold morning struggles

I will admit, I’m not a morning person as the title would suggest, I love being in a nice warm cozy bed so when the heatings been turned off at night and you feel the cold air floating around and I literally want to cry when I have to leave my bed in the mornings, this is one of the reasons which makes me late and with the whole de frosting the car situation, it makes me appreciate the so called summer we’ve left behind.

Spider season

When I was a kid spiders never bothered me but growing up I somehow developed a phobia. With our house’s now becoming toasty and warm this attracts house spiders to show up everywhere and I just hate it! although I have been brave and trapped them and put them outside.

Let me know what you love/hate about autumn? I’d love to have a read


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