Kitty Café Nottingham



So on Wednesday I had the day off work to celebrate Sam’s 21st birthday. I spoilt him with lots of lovely gifts and we headed into Nottingham in search of a new guitar what Sam wanted to spend his money on and I booked us a table for lunch at the Kitty Café.

For those of you who have never been, well it’s exactly how it sounds, a café with cats.

As we are both cat lovers this is the best place ever! A perfect place to eat lunch with delicious food, cakes, coffees and every flavour of tea you can think of.

A few people find this idea of a Kitty Café as animal cruelty but it’s far from that as this is classed as a cat shelter which take in abandoned/stray cats, cleans them up and gives them a loving home which people can then visit and adopt a furry friend. It’s a lovely idea and the cat’s are really happy there as everyone shares the same enthusiasm for these cats.

Once you’ve had your lunch you are then allowed to roam the café and meet/play with these friendly feline’s

Meet Toffee (left) and Muffin (right)

Muffin and Toffee were my favourite puuuurrrrsian (excuse the pun) cats in there, I absolutely fell in love with them, they were so playful and friendly little kitten’s and it was sad to say goodbye.

If you love the sound of this café then please visit the website to book a table.

And thank you Kate for opening up a wonderful café, I hope to see you soon.



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