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It’s such a beautiful day today, I’ve just been sat in the garden listening to music when I got inspired to do my first fashion post. I thought I’d share with you all my jewellery collection that’s perfect to wear in this gorgeous sun which I’ll be most likely wearing all throughout the summer.

So I’d just like to point out that Primark is my absolute favourite place to shop for jewellery they are constantly adding in new stuff so sorry if you can’t find any shown in the pictures below as these were bought this/last year

The Rings

I bought 2 sets of ring packs that contained normal and mid finger as I think they really set the summer vibe and a gold is a must for summer for me.


Summer is the only time I can wear anklets because who’s going to show off their legs in winter right?. I tend to wear these more on my holidays and just buy coloured rope ones which I can get wet but when I’m not swimming I like to wear the gold chain ones with dangly charms. You can find these at Primark for only £2


I got these in a pack with all sorts of different patterns, I love simple gold chain bracelets as I like to wear a few on one wrist and I just had to buy this initial bracelet when I went into Urban Outfitter for £6


I do love triangle necklaces at the minute and I thought this was perfect for Spring/Summer because of the pastel colours you can wear them separate but they look so much better group It did come with another triangle necklace which is in the cover photo, you can find these in Primark.

What’s your favourite jewellery pieces?


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