How My Weekend Got Turned Around

Hello, so I thought I’d start with a lifestyle post to get me back into blogging as I seem to be very busy and distracted from writing up posts lately and I enjoy a good catch up post.

So last week was a very unusual week for me with it’s ups and downs. Monday I went and picked up my new glasses which I love and was so ready for as I hated my other glasses, I always go for the 2 for 1 deal and get my sunglasses free, I find the designer glasses have a much better variety for the kind of style I was looking for as I wanted geek glasses but not big ones that go half way down my cheek.

Wednesday, well after finding out Dave Ghrol lead singer of Foo Fighters broke his leg at a gig in Sweden I was getting very worried If they would perform Wembley on Friday as I had tickets to go down to see them from my birthday in January and I was very much looking forward to seeing them live for the first time. Later that night they sadly announced that they will be cancelling their shows for the UK tour which I’m sure I speak for all fans here, was very heartbreaking but at the same time it was understandable as it wouldn’t of been the same and Dave needs to recover. I am gutted I’ve missed out on seeing Royal Blood though as I’m sure they would of been amazing to see live but there’s always other tours I guess. 

Friday, so I had the day off work as I was suppose to be seeing the Foo Fighters that day but we still traveled down to London as we had the day off and a hotel booked so didn’t want it to go to waste and it didn’t, turns out that I wasn’t the only one who was feeling gutted that Foo Fighters weren’t playing London this weekend as Uk Foo Fighters a tribute band decided to play 2 shows in a small club next to Wembley stadium which was all organised by the Foo Family. Me and loads more other fans went and watched the UK Foo Fighters perform Friday night and they were amazing, just as good as the real Foos (I imagine) everyone was really grateful for them coming down to London to do this.

Saturday, my weekend plans were back on track as nothing went wrong this day as I went and visited the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studios as this was my Christmas present, I haven’t watched the films in a while but I didn’t need to as I knew everything I saw in there, it was such a great experience seeing how everything was made and I even got to taste a butter beer! It’s quite sweet so I couldn’t drink it all. I got to see little dobby the elf model and loads more characters/creatures from the films and I stood in the famous great hall. If you have never been and your a fan its a must, the stuff you can buy is quite expensive so I just bought some flavoured beans (which has some vile flavours).

So that’s what I got up to last weekend just one more weekend till my holiday now


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