Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation | Review

I finally plucked up the courage to splurge out and buy the Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation, now I’m going to be honest and point out that this is my first high end foundation and the first product I have bought from the brand.

I’ve always wanted to try out a full coverage foundation (medium buildable to full) because I’ve never seen myself with a perfect flawless face If you’d call it that and I was looking for something that’s long lasting so this is the reason why Double Wear caught my eye. I really love wearing this foundation but not for my everyday base as I like to wear something light for work.

I love the packaging of Estée Lauder products as it looks it’s part for the price but obviously I know it’s not all about the packaging, but as a design lover you can’t help but get drawn to the royalty look with touches of gold, having this little glass bottle on my dressing table looks so elegant and really suits all my white china chic decor. 

When I first poured this onto the back of my hand as it’s an open top with no pump which is slightly annoying but I can cope with this as I’ve learnt to be careful and not to be wasteful I didn’t think it was really runny like water based as it has just the right amount of thickness to stay put on my hand and I wouldn’t say it is heavy feeling but not really weightless either I can feel it sitting on my skin without it being uncomfortable. I have the shade 1C0 Shell as this was the lightest shade for me as I’m normally an Ivory foundation wearer, but with Shell it is a yellow based colour which helps covering up my redness around my cheeks area.

When applying this foundation I don’t use a brush like I would normally, instead I use my Real Techniques Sponge which is only £5, it’s really good and I’d definitely recommend giving a sponge a try as it doesn’t give you those brush stroke lines when trying to blend this in, as it’s pretty fast drying when you apply I simply use the sponge to dab and blend working my way around my face one section at a time instead of dotting it all over as it would be harder to get this to blend that way. Once it’s all dry and set in place with powder it doesn’t transfer, smudge onto any clothing or anything it just stays put and has an incredible long lasting power, I can apply this in the morning and it looks the same throughout the whole day to night looking fresh as it did when you first applied it, I haven’t given it a proper test against heat and sweat but it’s worked very well through the cold, windy, showery days (can’t wait for the UK to heat up a bit).

Close up of me wearing Double Wear
 (No Editing Done apart from croping)

As I have dry skin I do go through phases where I will have dry flaky patches mainly on my T zone in between my eyebrows on top of the bridge of my nose and this foundation can cling to dry skin so If your having a bad skin day like me I wouldn’t recommend putting anything on those dry patches.
Another thing about this foundation is with any full coverage is it’s best to build it up in light layers and then going back to the areas that need more attention, but If you do put too much on it can start to look thick and caky on the skin so make sure you don’t go overboard when pouring out the amount.

My overall thoughts on the Double Wear foundation, well I really do love the look of it on my skin, it’s really natural looking and so flawless and it’s definitely a confident booster not that my skin is that bad, but you can actually see the true colours of my blusher as it covers up my redness, I love the lasting power and it’s not hard to remove but make sure you give your face a really good clean afterwards just to make sure you haven’t missed any bits, well that’s what I like to do anyway. I’m absolutely going to repurchase another bottle when mine becomes empty but that won’t be for awhile as it’s lasting me ages. 

A 30ml bottle costs around £30 depending on which store and it can be found at 

Boots | Debenhams | Feelunique & many others

Let me know if there is any Estée Lauder products you love? 


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