Urban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette | Review


Back in January I decided to splurge out whilst the sales were on, because who doesn’t love a good discount? As this is something that’s been on my Wishlist for ages, but I could never get over how much this palette costs! Most of you might not think it’s not that bad but I’m the kind of person who gets called ‘tight’ meaning I don’t buy expensive items often. So when my sister got given the Naked 1 palette for christmas she let me try it out because I’ve always wanted to see how good these eyeshadows are. After one use I was convinced and fell in love immediately, I needed to get my hands on my own. 

I know these palettes have been around for some years now so I had to make a decision which one would best suit me and what would get the most used. I’m a sucker for natural tones and taupes and golds are my favourite so I only thought it would be best to go for the Naked 2 palette.

What I like about the packaging compared to my regular plastic contained eyeshadows, is the nice sturdy metal tin that holds the powers in protecting it from any breakage, if you happen to bang/drop it and end up with a powdery mess (I’m talking about you Sleek palette) or if you’re not clumsy like me then this won’t matter to you. Most people never like the brush applicators that come with eyeshadow palettes and I do see there point but with this brush it works quite nicely, as one side is used to blend the colours in the crease of your eyelid and the other to just pat on for a base. This case also contains a big mirror which is handy for traveling.

As I previously mentioned the colours are more browns/taupes with a mixture of 12 matte and shimmer shades from light to dark.

A cream bisque with a matte finish making it the perfect base.

Half Baked
A golden bronze with a shimmery finish which I love wearing as it goes well with my green eyes.

Booty Call
A shimmery cork which I love to wear as a subtle colour when I don’t want anything to be too noticeable.

well if the clue isn’t in the name, this is a copper mixed with bits of glitter giving it that extra shimmery finish.

A creamy pale brown with a matte finish, another great colour which compliments the eyes as this works well in the creases but I sometimes use this as a base just to experiment.

A dark bronze with a metallic sheen to it.

A pale golden beige with a shimmery finish. This is also a favourite of mine.

A light greyish brown with a shimmery finish which works well as a crease colour for Verve I think.

An oyster colour with a shimmery finish, a nice base colour for a silvery smokey eye look.

A pinky bronze with a shimmery colour which I like to pair with Busted.

A dark plumy brown colour with shimmery finish, perfect for going in the creases.

A black colour with a matte finish. The darkest colour I own, it’s always nice to add a pure black colour as it give me a chance to practise dark smokey eyes, as I find them a bit tricky without them looking all smeared around my eyes. A tip is to go in with light layers and slowly build up the colour.

Overall I’m really happy with this purchase and would recommend this palette to anyone who loves eyeshadow, as it’s worth every penny and I can see this lasting me a very long time. I love the colours and think they can be used for any occasion and the pigmentation is great, just how you’d expect it to be for the price and the colours blend like a dream. I’m happy I finally got round to adding this to my collection.

You can buy this Naked 2 palette from Debenhams, House of Frazer and many online stores. I got mine from Feelunique.com as there was a discount on at the time but the full price is £38.00.


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