Santa Claus is coming to town | Lush Box Christmas Edition

So for Christmas this year, I got given this lovely lush box from my boyfriend Sam. This box contains eight lush products all from the Christmas range so I’m afraid you won’t be able to buy them in store, well if your lucky they might have some. When you first open the box you get a whif of this amazing soapy smell. These lush boxes are a great present for bath lovers, I like them because it gives me a chance to try out all there stuff.

Holly Golightly

When I first saw this I thought ‘oh no that’s a lot of glitter! What if it gets in my hair’. This is a bubble bar by the way and also my first bubble bar which I’ve used from lush ever. So I started with running the tap and washed all the glitter off and already bubbles were being created, now I know your suppose to crumble up bits, so I pulled all the leaves off and crumbled them under the tap, even from doing that which I think isn’t that much of the product used, there was already so many bubbles, so I decided to leave it there for another bath session, oh yeah and my bath water turned bright green which doesn’t look like the most appealing bath in the world but I didn’t mind. Now you can’t see any glitter floating around the water which I liked but I later than learnt when I’d pulled the plug was that it was all sat at the bottom of the bath.


This is described as ‘a creamy vanilla-scented bath bomb with cocoa butter to soften your skin’. Now I liked the sound of that, perfect to pop in your bath over the winter period to give your skin a moisture boost. When I dropped this into my bath I just expected it to be like any normal fizzing bomb but this one really surprised me as there were small light yellowish specs floating on the surface and I had no idea what they were, so I got one of my finger and rubbed it and it slowly melted but let my finger a but oily so I’m guessing that was the cocoa butter adding the moisturising oils into the water, but don’t let these floating specs bother you because they don’t stick around for long as they slowly melt away leaving your skin so smooth.

Dashing Santa

This is a bath bomb which is orange scented, although the scent isn’t overpowering but more suttle, it doesn’t stay on the skin but it fizzes for ages and it leaves your bath water red. If your just looking for something thats long lasting then this is just what you need, whenever i’ve used bath bombs they only seem to last less than 5 minutes but not this one, I didn’t really time myself in the bath but it was definitely over 10 minutes or so and it was still fizzing.

So White Shower Gel

This shower gel is inspired by the fairytale of ‘Snow White’ made with a crisp scent of green apples, the smell reminds me of granny smith apples – which I love! you only need a small amount of this stuff for it to be really foamy and the way your skin feels afterwards is amazing. when your rubbing this over your body you can really feel the rosewater oils soak into your skin leaving it soft and clean.

Snowman Shower Jelly

I’ve never used one of these before so I had to look up how your suppose to use them, as the name states this is a scented jelly, this is very different to what I normally use to wash as i’m used to liquid forms so I did find this very strange. I pulled a piece off the jelly about as big as my fingernail into my hands and then got my shower scrubber (if that’s what there called?) and scrubbed it around my hand until it made foam and then lathered myself, I did have to go back for more jelly though as I felt it wasn’t enough. I wouldn’t say my skin felt moisturised but I haven’t used it that long for me to really notice.

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

One thing i’m enjoying about this Lush box is it gives me a chance to try and discover some amazing lush products, with this bath bomb I never read up about it so I don’t know what to expect when I popped this in my bath. When it started to fizz the water started to turn a turquoise colour with specs of gold glitter and small stars, it reminded me of a mermaid as silly as it sounds and then smaller bright neoned bath fizzers appeared which I really liked. The smell of this was very pleasant and it make my skin feel all silky.

Reindeer Rock Soap

I don’t like to use soaps that often as I much prefer a liquid soap as I find it awkward to hold but the smell of this soap is lovely, very sweet which must have something to do with that ligonberry that i’ve never heard of? and I love the carved little reindeer. I didn’t find it all that moisturising but it left a silky feeling behind 

I know these products that have been mentioned are now unavailable to buy as it was the Christmas stock,but it was nice to try some of there range. I think this box contained a lot of products that helped/helping me through winter as they are very moisturising and my favourites has got to be the bubble bar and snow angel. Now I can look forward in trying out the Valentine’s Day range, I’ve already got my eyes on the unicorn horn bubble bar!

What’s been your favourite Lush products lately?



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