My Thoughts On The Ted Baker Limited Edition Gift Set | Review

Hello all, 

firstly I’d like to apologise for the lack of posts, things have just been a bit hectic lately and I blame the fact I’ve returned to work, we’re just so busy, it honestly doesn’t feel like I was off two weeks ago. Well one of my new years resolution has gone down the pan already, that one being getting up earlier has failed miserably but I have been very good in saying yes more. I’ve started Zumba classes now, which are on Monday’s, they are very fun and defiantly my kind of thing as I’m not the gym goer type. Also last weekend I went out into town with my friends and I really enjoyed myself, it was my friends birthday and it was just so nice to catch up with everyone.

That’s enough life updates for now as I don’t have anything interesting to share apart from sleep, work eat routine. So I’m still getting through my Christmas gifts and it’s my birthday at the end of the month!. One thing I hate about having my birthday in January is the fact it’s right after Christmas and I’ve pretty much got everything to keep me happy, although I have spotted the new benefit product being launched this month so I’m defiantly going to check that out.

This Ted Baker Cosmetic Gift Set that I received for Christmas last year (anyone used to saying that yet) is wonderful! First of all, can we all take a moment to admire it’s beautiful packaging. This looks lovely sat on my dressing table at the minute.

This set which was bought from Boots, contains 13 items, 2 nail varnishes, 2 highlighters, 2 lip products, 2 eyeshadow sticks, 1 eyeliner, 1 mascara, 1 bronzer/blusher with a brush and an eyelash curler. This is the perfect present for someone who is a beginner with make up and needs there collection building up. I’ve used everything in this set and I already can pick out my favourites.

Let’s start with the first section. The first thing I was drawn too when I saw the first tray was the bronzer/blush, I love the rose gold packaging as it gives it that high end look to it. I swirled the brush around so it picked up all the colours and popped it on my cheeks, it gives this really nice pinky/rosy glow to your skin, making it perfect for daytime wear. Next it comes with two highlighters one being pink and pearly and the other gold and bronzed. If I’m honest I thought these were nail varnishes until I actually read the bottles, the packaging was very misleading.. or it was just me. These highlighters have good pigmentation and I use the pearly one for daytime wear as this one if my favourite.
The nail varnishes are reasonably good, 2 coats and you have lovely glossy nails, my favourite is the red, such a nice classic red which everyone needs in there collection.

On to the second tray, when I first saw this I knew it was going to be my favourite draw. I just love to work on my eyes and lips and when I saw the eyelash curler I thought great I could do with one of those, as I don’t have much experience with eye lash curlers there’s not an awful lot I can say apart from yes – it curls my lashes and make my lashes appear wider haha. The two lip products are two lovely colours that are perfect for the winter season. This gorgeous dark plum lip crayon which I love and have used a few times for night outs and on Christmas day, from my experience you will definitely need to make sure your lips are chapped free as that’s best for any lipstick but this one really gives and uneven tone if you have dry lips, another is it can be a bit smeary but you can fix it with a lip liner and blotting. It doesn’t have the greatest of staying power but does leave a stain behind. This classic red really is a`lovely shade with a pink undertone, it’s Matt but quite creamy when you apply it, paired with a lip liner it has a good staying power and isn’t drying on the lips.

These two eyeshadow sticks are probably the most loved products I just looove the gold colour, they are both very pigmented and creamy which makes them just glide on easily – perfect if your in a rush. I’d definitely say you’d need to wear a eye primer as the colour did slide into my crease, the mascara is pretty standard it is great at lengthening but can be a bit clumpy which I don’t like and the felt tipped eyeliner pen is great for creating sharp points but unfortunately for me being picky with eyeliners it’s not an intense black so I had to go over it a few times for me to be satisfied. If you don’t like intense black then this would be good for you. I haven’t experienced any smudging and it does last a long time throughout the day.

Left to right: Pearly highlighter, golden highlighter, plum lip crayon, red lipstick, silver and gold eyeshadow sticks and felt tip pen eyeliner

The only problem with this set being limited edition is the fact that there is no where I can repurchase this make up from, apart from people selling it on eBay, which is a shame.

Have you tried any TB make up?


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