What I Got For Christmas 2014

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a good Christmas, I most certainly did. It was nice to have a break from work and technology for a change, but here I am back with this post. Before I start I would just like to say that I’m not posting this to show off or brag in any way, I have quite a big family and my boyfriend Sam spoilt me rotten this year, I am very grateful for everything I received. Do expect to see some full reviews on some products you may see below.

This year I got a fair amount of clothes and of course socks. My favourite being the beautiful burgundy black collared skater dress from my mum, when I opened it I fell in love with it straight away, my mum said it was a ‘very you’ dress when she saw it. I love it when people see things and think of me. It happens a lot as I have a few small obsessions of random things such as owls, moustaches, pugs etc. As every christmas I always get tons of pjs, I haven’t photographed them all but I reckon I have enough to keep me through to the end of winter, I’m one of those’s people in winter who just loves to sit around in my pjs or fleece lounge wear when I come home from the cold nights.

I’m sure all of you reading this normally receive at least one chocolate/sweetie present for christmas, I know I do. 

I like to listen to albums in my car journeys so Sam treated me to 3 new cd’s this year that being The Script, Foo Fighters and Royal Blood which is currently in my car at the moment. As you can see I’m quite the rocker chick when it comes to music.

I find it quite funny how many candles I got this year as I was not aware that people knew I liked candles so much. I do love to burn a good old yankee candle from time to time, I just love the huge variety to choose from. I never considered buying one of these candle melt burners before but I’m so glad my mum and dad got me one because the powerful scents those little melts burn off is amazing, you can smell it through our whole house and they last ages if you just keep letting them melt and reset again.

Moving on to the bath sets, how I do love a nice bath set for christmas but this year I was spoilt with choice. Sam bought me this amazing Lush box which I’m dying to try out, it contains everything christmassy to bubble bars, bath bombs, shower gels & soap. I also got a Fat Face set with a scarf, Sanctuary Spa and Champney’s Spa bath sets. Good classic bath sets which you can find in Boots.

Now on to the beauty sets. I’ve been very lucky this year to receive so many amazing sets the first being this gorgeous Ted Baker make up set which I will do a full review on because I used everything on christmas day and loved it all, to the packaging, quality & pigmentation. 

Next are these two lovely sets from my mum which are Benefit & Bourjois, now my mum knows I love the brand Benefit but I never imagined her to buy me a set! me and my sister loved this present as she also loves the brand since I introduced it to her. 

My sister and I decided that this year we would buy 3 gifts each from the Boots mix n match because I loved everything in there, so she got me the No7 Skincare Collection which I can’t wait to use and Seventeen Day to Night kit.

My GHD hair dryer has been burning out since beginning of November so I knew I needed a new one and with christmas coming I thought it would be best to ask for a new one, so my Mum and Dad got me a Toni & Guy hairdryer which I am very happy with. My sister also got me the Toni & Guy hair set which goes nicely with my new hairdryer. I love Tresemme, one of my favourite hair brands out there so it was nice to get a hair set from Sam’s grandparents. Marc Jacobs is another favourite fragrance of mine so Sam treated me to the Daisy Dream perfume which I love and have been wearing everyday since christmas. I was running low on my Ralph Lauren No 2 perfume too so my Mum and Dad bought me another bottle.

Now on to my main presents, My boyfriend really spoilt me this year along with all the other nice gifts he got me, he bought me an iPad Mini 2 which I was so surprised about and tickets to go to the Harry Potter Studios I love them both so much and I’m very grateful. My grandparents also bought me this beautiful silver owl trinket plate and my parents got this lovely shoe ring holder which both sit nicely on my dressing table.

I know I keep saying it but I really have been lucky with all the amazing gifts I received this year and I am sooo grateful.

Hope you all had a wonderful christmas this year and if you want to share what you got then leave me a link below.


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  1. January 1, 2015 / 12:05 pm

    wow you have really been spoilt, you must have been very good this year 😉
    Such lovely gifts you've received,
    I am the same my family do go a bit crazy at Christmas and pretty much buy every shop out of stock.
    I hope you had a really good Christmas 🙂

    Leah @ Peaches and Smoke

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