My Helpful Products For Dry/Eczema Proned Skin

As winter has now settled in and the temperatures drop this can only mean one thing for my skin…very dry, tight, itchy, irritated skin, okay that’s more than one thing but it makes me very stressed when my eczema flares up because of the lack of moisture due to cold weather. This year i’ve managed to find a few products that have helped control my eczema and get rid of my dry skin patches.

Lush Dream Cream Hand and Body Lotion | £11.95 240g

Dream Cream was something I bought last year to try and get rid of my eczema on my arms as i’ve read so many amazing reviews how this is a life saver cream for some people and Lush’s no 1 best selling lotion. When you read stuff like that how can you not buy this and try it.

Dream Cream is used for upset skin with it’s cooling and soothing ingredients like oat milk, chamomile blue oil and rose water to calm down hot and itchy skin. With raving reviews that it gives relief from eczema. One of the main ingredients being oats which have helped treat eczema and cool down as they contain antihistamines (this is a medicine that is used to treat allergic health conditions). Although this year’s Dream Cream I believe they have added more to there ingredients by adding coco butter to make it more moisturising.

When I first bought this cream I suppose I had high expectations from reading all the amazing comments people have written and well they were met, I put this on overnight and when I woke, my skin felt really smooth and cooled which was amazing but don’t except this cream to get rid of your eczema, (well it hasn’t for me) It’s brilliant for cooling it down but if your eczema flares up and you just want to scratch and rip your arm off then I wouldn’t recommend putting it on your hot itchy skin straight away as I felt it didn’t help. The only cream I can say works miracles in stopping it from itching when it flares up is sterile cream which you can get prescribed from the doctors but you can’t use it for long periods of time as it thins the skin. Overall I’d recommend Dream Cream for someone who has had eczema as it does do what it says, which is cools and relieves the skin from eczema but just because it didn’t get rid of mine i’m not saying this isn’t going to work for you. The doctors told me I might not grow out of it, but I have hope there is no way I can have this all my life. If you ever speak to someone who suffers from eczema and I mean you do suffer, It causes so much stress in my life with all the itchiness and flare up it’s hard. I can’t go clothes shopping without buying a jumper and feeling the material and thinking ‘will this be good on my skin’, and I avoid hot showers as that drys and makes my skin tight. I’m having to wear long sleeve cotton tops under my jumpers so the wool doesn’t irritate my skin and it does help.

Charity Pot Hand & Body Lotion | £6.95 

This cream was something I bought for two reasons one being a body lotion and two to see if it helps my eczema. The cream texture is different from the dream cream, as it seems more oiler but it doesn’t make it greasy if the sound of oil scares you, I think this makes it more moisturising and rich. It contains a lot of natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, rosewood oil and fresh aloe gel. This cream has really helped to clear up some dry patches I’ve suffered from on my body this winter. A small bonus with this cream is that 100% of the money goes to charity hence the name ‘charity pot’.

The Melting Snowman Bath Melt | £2.25

This was actually a new discovery for me that I came across at the beginning of November. I knew of them as i’ve seen them in Lush before but I never really took much notice of them, until I stopped and looked at them and the shop assistant told me about them, It sounded like something I just needed. I can get multiple uses out of these little bath melts as I hold it in the water until my water has gone all milky and then I pop it back in the bag for next time. I didn’t really have high expectations for this bath melt but it changed my mind as soon as I left the bath, my skin felt so soft and not irritated like it normally does after hot water, I didn’t suffer from tightness or itchiness I was so amazed. So now I can’t have a bath without these, I don’t know what I’m going to do when they go out of season, I hope there is a great alternative to these’s. Comment below if anybody knows.

Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion | £7.15

During this winter I’ve really suffered with dry patches on my face but didn’t know what would sort it out, so I asked the lovely bloggers over on twitter for some recommendations and the one that really stood out to me the most the ‘Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion’ It contains all natural ingredients and has amazing reviews. I used this on it’s own for 2 days and the dry patches had all cleared up, I sometimes add a pump into my daily moisturiser for a bit of a skin boost.

Carmex Moisturising Vanilla Lip Balm | £3.25

When it starts to get colder you defiantly need to invest in a good lip balm, I get really chapped lips and I have a really bad habit of biting my lips so I needed something that would make my lips smooth and not dry out and this does just the job, it’s just the winter essential.

Dermalex Repair Contact Eczema | £11.99

This was something I kind of stumbled upon whilst doing my christmas shopping in boots. It was in the Eczema section of course and what attracted me to this was the fact it said steroid free and creates a barrier from flare ups, so I read up on the back and it matched some of the symptoms and I bought the smallest size to see if it was any good. After using this over 2 weeks I was really impressed as I haven’t had any flare ups and it’s reduced my itchiness, I’m hoping if I keep using this and stop itching my ezcema will eventually clear up fingers crossed.

Overall the Dermalex cream has shown the best results and is my favourite out of all them but they are all great products which I would recommend.

Let me know what creams you turn to when you get dry skin?


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  1. February 3, 2016 / 5:51 pm

    I definitely want to get some of that Dream cream now. Next time i'm in lush i'll be treating myself 🙂

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