Christmas Nail Art


I can’t believe we’re at christmas eve already… this year has gone way too fast for me, I blame having a full time job. Well i’m sure all of you have broken up from school/work or whatever, I broke up from work yesterday but still doesn’t mean I can stay extra long in bed today because I have a lot to do today, was up at the crack of dawn.

As soon as December hit us it gave me the excuse to start painting my nails all christmassy, I love doing this around this time of the year as it means I can be creative with glitter and nail art stickers, Although I did have to buy a good thick coated white nail varnish as white gets featured a lot in these designs.

This pattern can be spotted everywhere around December time from jumpers to cushions and even on mugs. I just love the fairsle pattern, the inspiration behind this design was from a bed throw I purchased from Matalan which you can see a bit in the background. As the colours were red and white I thought I’d throw in a candy cane.

For this design I thought I’d keep it quite simple but cute with as classic Santa and Rudolph design, using santa hats as a manicure with a christmas twist to it

This design was inspirited by the cold weather around christmas, although it doesn’t snow at christmas time here anymore, normally we get snow in Jan/Feb. I thought I’d try out a blue and white ombre effect for snow/ice and add in a snowman cause I have to paint them every year. 

So this design is what I’m currently wearing, I wanted it to be my christmas day nails, keeping it simple but glam with frosty tips, glitter and snowflakes, but I think I might change my nails again because they’ve chipped away already and are looking a bit tatty, so my advice if you wanted to create this look is add loads of top coats and this might sound obvious put the snowflakes on last, as I thought it would look okay when putting the glitter on last but I might of over done it and covered them a bit. I think what made me think of this design was the fact I’d been watching the film ‘Frozen’ a lot in that week (if you haven’t seen it yet, you must it’s quite funny which I love and has a nice story).

I won’t be posting again till after christmas so I hope you all have a wonderful day and I hope Santa brings you lots of joy.

Merry Christmas



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