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Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream | Link


Today I’d like to share with you all something that I’ve been using for a while now, a few months in fact and that is the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream. Before I get started I think I should explain to those of you out their what CC cream is, if you don’t know already or you just want to know the difference between CC creams and BB creams.

BB cream stands for Beauty Balm. There designed to be an all in one to replace serum, moisturiser, primer, foundation & sunblock. It can be worn as a tinted moisturiser, a base or just for a light coverage foundation.

CC cream stands for Colour Correction. These are designed to give you an even skin tone by covering up redness and waking up dull skin, these creams have a light weightless feel.

So now that’s been cleared up, you’ll get a better understanding on this review.

Bourjois CC cream contains 3 light pigments in there formula which all act together to cover up imperfections. First is the orange pigment ‘Apricot’ this helps with anti fatigue keeping your skin looking awake and like you’ve had a decent nights sleep. Second is the green pigment which is for anti redness and the third is a white pigment which is anti dark spots, these all act to give you an luminous complexion & smooth skin. It also states that this cream gives you is 24hr hydration which is helping my face through winter and SPF15. Something I always look out for when buying a face product is SPF, even if there doesn’t seem to be much sun here in the UK you always need to protect your face from the sun, so having an SPF in creams is a must for me.

This comes in 4 shades from light to medium sorry if you have dark skin. I have the shade ‘Ivory’ which blends very well in my pale skin. There is no need to do colour matching for your perfect shade, just pick the shade that’s closest and it will blend in to match your skin type. I’d say the formula is very runny when you squeeze it on to the back of your hand but you only need a bit.

For those’s of you who have never tried a CC cream I’d say this product would be a good starting point. This is an amazing drugstore gem that I’d defiantly recommend, it is yellow toned with a light/medium coverage, it can be builtable if needed in some areas, but I don’t always do that and the finishing results are flawless. You can apply this using your fingers or a brush and I sometimes use a translucent powder to set on top.

I’ve been using this cream for everyday use mainly for work as it’s really quick to apply so brilliant for when i’m running late. This cream stays on my face for a good 8 hour working day but with this being a light natural looking cream I suppose that doesn’t matter if my freckles start to peek through towards the end of the day, if you don’t mind that. 

Overall I think this is a very good product for a drugstore cream, it’s affordable at only £9.99 and I’m always happy with Bourjois, they never fail to let me down. 

For readers out their who didn’t this, Bourjois is owned by Chanel so maybe this is the reason why their products are just as good.

Do you use CC creams? Which ones are your favourites? let me know


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