Drugstore Haul


Last weekend I went into Boots as I often do most weekends, and bought a few bits and bobs. Now I went in there indenting to buy a pencil sharpener and a spot treatment because I suffered with a few spots over the weekend, but no you can never walk in and out of boots with just those things you’re suppose to buy, it just never happens and especially when theses a 3 for 2 offer on.

So the first thing I picked up after making my way through the sea of people through the busy aisles of christmas shoppers (I miss having days off in the week) was my spot treatment. I wanted something mainly to put on overnight so I’d wake up blemish free so I found this handy 

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Spot Wand | £3.59

You apply this day & night using the wand applicator like the kind you get from a lip gloss or eye primer and apply as many times as you want in the day. This brand has many different kinds of spot treatments such as a concealer stick (which I almost bought) to face washes and cleansing lotions.

What made me pick up this product was the fact that one of the ingredients was Tea Tree oil.
Tea Tree oil helps with healing the skin and fighting infections, Tea Tree oil is an antiseptic so it fights the area around the spot from infections and helps soothe the skin. Overall my spot went away in 2 days and didn’t give it a chance to form so that benefits me so I’m not left with a red mark for days because of squeezing and popping which you mustn’t do as it can lead to scaring but I now have found my spot remedy.

Another thing I picked up was an beauty essential… nothing that interesting just a simple and plain 

Champney’s Pencil Sharpner | £3.00

 probably the cheapest one in store didn’t want anything too pricey just as long as it does it’s job.

Now this one was a discovery for me. I was just glancing my eyes on all the lovely make up stands 

(as you do)  and this isn’t something I haven’t heard of before, of course I’ve heard of lip liners! but i’ve never purchased one before ever! or even considered using one but I thought let’s go for it and try one as I know they make lining your lips easier. I went over to the Maybelline stand and looked at the lip liners and decided to go for a natural pink colour called ‘630 Velvet Beige’ so I’ll be able to test the liner out more as I wear natural colours for work. I must say how I went through life wearing lipstick without lip liners I don’t know what I was thinking, I am now in love with lip liners they have made my lips more defined and made my lipstick last a lot longer. I still had lipstick on after my 8 hour shift when I finished work, I was impressed so I went and bought two more colours. 

For some reason the liners aren’t on the Boots website so I’ve found them on Superdrug for £3.99

One was a red one called ‘547 Pleasure Me Red’ and another was from the Rimmel stand, when I saw this one I thought ‘what a great idea a transparent lip liner so you don’t need to buy a colour to match your lipstick ‘

  Rimmel Moisture Renew Lip Liner | £3.99 

comes with a twisted top so there is no need for sharpening. As I haven’t been using lip liners that long I can’t really give much of a review on them, but I’ll make sure to write up my thoughts on how I get on with them.

Another beauty discovery of mine is a brow product, again I’ve never really bothered with my brows but until recently I wanted to make them look nice and shaped but keeping it natural and not fake and drawn on. So I picked but this 

Soap & Glory Archery Brow Tint & Pencil | £10.00

 I don’t know what attracted me to this brand for brows, I guess it’s because I’ve seen a few reviews for this product and I wanted to try it. I’m no brow expert and i’m still learning how to shape my brows but the tint really helps to darken and well tint my brows and the other side comes with a soft pencil with I line and fill the brow, as I haven’t been using this as long I might write a full review on this in the future.

That’s all for my drugstore haul but it won’t stop me from going shopping this weekend and buying more makeup no doubt as that amazing offer is still on.

Let me know what drugstore make up you have been loving?

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