Rimmel Provocalips Lip Colour Review

Earlier this year Rimmel London released there new range of Lipsticks claiming to be 16hr long lasting. When I first heard about these I was so excited to try them, when it comes to lipsticks for me long lasting is something I look out for so I really wanted to put these to the test.

Provocalips come in 8 Shades from nudes to pinks, reds and deep purple.

(top to bottom) 700 Skinny Dipping, 730 Make Your Move and 230 Kiss Fatal

I only bought 3 colours which I think are very autumnal.

The right side which is step 1 is Intense colour, apply the colour and leave your lips apart for 60 seconds until it’s dry. The most tricky part with the applicator is lining up your lips I’d recommend using a lip liner or a brush to line up the lips and then apply a thin layer of colour and go over it for a nice finish, but don’t rub your lips together after applying the colour because I find it makes the colour all bumpy and tacky looking which doesn’t look good.

Step 2 is the Lock & Shine, apply this top coat to lock in colour, moisture and shine

Rimmel claims that provocalips provide a ‘kiss proof’, ‘food proof’ no transfer high impact of endless colour and it really does! it claims to have no tight feeling or dry lips I’d say it does but after a few hours my lips did feel dry but that happens with anything I put on my lips due to my dry skin and the weather being more cold now, but if you just re apply step 2 again your lips are moisturised.

Skinny Dipping
Make Your Move
Kiss Fatal

These affordable lipsticks for only £6.99 are perfect for work, nights out and dinner outings, they literally do last all day no matter how much you eat and drink the colour will not fade or transfer.

what more could you ask for in a lipstick?!. 

To remove the colour can be tough if your just using water as this won’t work but then you know how good the long lasting effect is. You will need an oil based make up remover to unseal this colour from your lips. 

Overall I think Rimmel have really made an amazing long lasting lipstick that every girl can love, there is a shade for everyone. You can buy them from Boots and Superdrug or any shop with Rimmel stands. 

Let me know how these were for you in the comments below


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